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Adolescence: the age of individuation. And by individuation, I mean that unique period of time in life where you're learning about who you are outside of your family.

So how exactly do I support teens in therapy? Well, for starters, I'm a safe and reliable adult to talk to about real issues. The neat thing about therapy is that it remains completely confidential. Yes, even from parents. Legally speaking, I am required to keep all of my conversations with teens strictly between us.

For concerned parents out there, rest assured: I always begin therapy by explaining that if a topic relevant to teen's parents comes up, I first explore how the teen can share it with their parents in a way that will result in supportive and caring parenting. Sometimes teens decide not to share certain things with their parents, and that's okay too. Just know that there are some specific safety-related limitations to confidentiality in therapy, which you can read more about on the Privacy & Policy page of my website.

If you're a teenager (or the parent of one), I'm guessing you've come here seeking help for something going on in your life. Maybe you're having trouble communicating effectively at home. Maybe your grades are tanking or you're getting into trouble with friends. No matter the reason, seeking out help is a great choice . As you'll learn throughout life, it's always a good time to get support when things don't seem to be going so well.

Most often, I find myself empowering teenagers to reflect on what they want out of life, what their goals are for therapy, and what will help them to best attain those goals.

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